I LOVE Bikram Yoga because...

I Love Bikram Yoga

Yoga quickly becomes a love affair for many. We asked students what it is about the yoga that sends their hearts a flutter, here's what they had to say...

Red HOT LorriLorri Caswell

Student, Island Team for Florida Regional Yoga Championships 

"...it's more than a practice, it's a lifestyle....it has opened the door to a new me I am only beginning to know. I feel as though I am a seed just cracking open to endless possibilities!"

Melody Gustafson

Student, BYOTI Work Study. Island Team for Florida Regional Yoga Championships

"I love how it has changed the way I view life and life's challenges!"


Bri Bernal

Student. Island Team for Florida Yoga Regional Championships, and Yoga Teacher

Bri with heart"...it is a time that I can focus only on myself and improve my body mentally, physically and spiritually.  I am able to let go of everything else going on in the outside world and really focus on letting the heat detox my body of negative energy and bactieria.  After every class, I have more energy to go about my day and I feel more positive. Bikram Yoga is a beautiful practice that comes with a never ending list of benefits."





Jonathan T. Paine

Student, Husband, Father, Neurosurgeon

"....it is a mini respite from the illusions of the outer world and anHeart on the Beachopportunity to reconnect to essential Truth!"


Bruce Strong

Student, Island Team for Florida Yoga Regional Championship

"...it exercisses my mind and body plus the shower at the end of class is amazing!"


Dennis Guttman

Student, Hot Yoga Teacher

"...I get to see Suzanne's smiley face first thing in the morning!!!...because I feel great with lots of energy for the rest of the day when I have a good class."


Lily Fredrickson

BYOTI Webmaster, Student

"...it revitalizes me."


Tatiana with heart

Tatiana Anderson

Student, Island Team For Florida Yoga Regional Championships


"...it helps me to make my whole body and mind healthier."






Tina Nguyen

Student, BYOTI caterer

"I love Bikram Yoga because it helps to balance my mind so it can heal my body physically."  


Jen Hodge

BYOTI Teacher  

"...it teaches me how to live life!"    


Sharon Lacy

BYOTI Teacher 

"I love Bikram Yoga because every year, no matter how much I learn, or how strong I get, the yoga teaches me to be humble. There is always more to learn. Also, set backs in health or my practice only means an opportunity to begin again. This keeps my mind flexible...and open to change."  

ocean heart


Kelly LaCouture

Student & Island Team for Florida Yoga Regional Championships 


"It is the fountain of youth!" 




Janna LeBlanc

BYOTI Teacher  

"It makes me feel so good to feel the energy when I sweat it out, stretch it out and use my entire body from my head to the tips of my toes with the restoring blood pumping and transformative postures!!"


Suzanne Elliott

BYOTI Director, TeacherHeart in Nature

"I love how the yoga gives me psychological and physiological powers for my life!"



Stephanie Zuaro

Student and Massage Therapist

"...it keeps me strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually."


Lynda Sewall

Student for 13 years, with two total hip replacements and learning to adjust and modify everything.  

"...it gives me energy. It allows my body to not ache, it clears my head....it has become somewhat of an addiction!"   


Tish Rees

BYOTI TeacherHeart energy

"....it keeps me walking."


Twila Batchelor

Student, Wife & Mom 

"...it makes me so much nicer to my husband and three sons!"  


Joe Elliott

BYOTI Director, Teacher 

"I love all the love and peace it has brought me!"  



John Kinast

BYOTI Work Study Student

"I love how it helps me stay calm, entered and balanced...."